‘Why KK?’

‘Why KK?’

‘Why KK?’

With so many fashion retailers around the country, one might ask themselves ‘Why KK?’ or ‘What makes KK different and stand out’ – The answer I believe is really quite simple and obvious and can be narrowed down to one work, LOVE.

If you’ve ever step foot into one of our amazing boutiques it only takes a second to realise and feel that the store is put together with love, The tables and shelves all built with love, our mannequins’ all dressed with love and pride. And as a customer you are always greeted with warmth and love. We are genuinely excited that you chose our store for your shopping experience, and we choose to celebrate each individual. We have fun with you,  all because we love what we do, and that can be quite rare these days.

A favourite quote of mine is ‘ Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’ and this is what KK is for me, it encourages me to get creative, not just in my style but also my mind. And for me that is something I LOVE. Written by Flick at KK Mildura xx

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