The KK Connection

The KK Connection

The KK Connection

The KK world is simple. “We are connected to our customers and to one another” it is a “village of like-minded positive people who love fashion and love life as much as you do”. Entering the world of KK love is like no other. KK is unique, captivating and I’m not just talking about those amazing chandeliers. 

KK’s fashion is a style that connects to all ages. One of those places where you pop in for a ‘squiz’ then leave with a bunch of KK goodness (in a gorgeous pink bag of course!) - not because of pressure but because the item you leave with has a connection to YOU, you good thing!

Fashion needs to have a connection. A connection to the clothes you’re wearing and the experience when purchased. Connecting with the customer means the world to me as a KK’er. Honest advice on what looks amazing to what could make you look even better is what we pride ourselves on. Making your favourite features pop! And connecting to the item you’re wearing!

Connection is the key to fashion and feeling good. Written by Kelly at KK Bendigo xx


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