The feeling of spring

The feeling of spring

The feeling of spring

Spring - The season for rebirth, renewal and regrowth. What an amazing prospect this is. The excitement at being able to reinvent oneself for the coming season is thrilling. It is no secret that spring is my favourite time of year (and living in Byron Bay you could understand why!) But I love the fact that it gives us the chance to leave our hibernating nests of winter and step into the sunshine (literally!) with a sense of rejuvenation that leaves us feeling like we can conquer anything.

I find that each year the cosiness and comfort of winter wears off quickly with the appeal of hibernating fading into yearning for the feeling of warmth and sunlight drenching the streets, the beach and everywhere I look. The warmth brings with it the feeling of endless possibilities. A feeling of happiness and light seems to envelop the streets and you can just see and feel people getting ready to rid themselves of things that have been weighing them down through the winter.

I adore the fact that at the turn of each season, KK allows me the opportunity to really harness this sense of renewal and regrowth but providing me with clothing and accessory options that allows my free spirit to awaken again! The whole reason for fashion to be able to express yourself. This time of year really in the best time to experiment, explore and play around with your style - this spring let KK show you the light. Written by Renea from KK Byron xx

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