A love for BOHO

A love for BOHO

A love for BOHO

I have a problem. I LOVE boho clothing !!!!!!

Love, love, love, love, love it !!!!

Floral, suede, lace, denim, I love it all.

Didn’t I say I had a problem though? Yes, that’s right, the problem is I can’t wear it!!

I can’t wear it with my bigger than I’d like bust and my 3 baby bearing belly !!!!!

I can’t wear a beautiful white lace top tucked into a gorgeous floaty, floral maxi skirt, suede belt and denim jacket.

I can’t wear that because it doesn’t look great, suit my body or make me feel good !

“Hold on a second” says my inner KK voice, “just wear it differently”.

“Huh”, says my inner self doubting  woman voice, no wait, Huh? That’s my teenage daughter voice creeping in.

“Pardon?” says my inner woman voice.

“wear it differently”.  Denim jeans, white lace shirt (untucked), suede bag and floaty floral scarf.

Boho? Yes.

Feel great? Yes.

Look good? Yes.

“Done” says my KK self.

Now, my KK self would never say “I told you so”, that would be my MUM voice kicking in.

What it would quietly say though is “Yeh, you go girl. You’re rockin that boho”.  No wait, that’s my teenage daughter again !

So, my KK self would look at me appreciatively and whisper “yes, job well done. Now get out there and get stuff done you boho babe”.

Is there a lesson here? You bet there is. (inner MUM voice again)

Wear what you love and love what you wear.

There’s always a way, you just have to let your inner KK voice be the loudest.

Light and love, fashion and fun. Written by Sim from KK Mildura xx

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