5 simple space creators

5 simple space creators

5 simple space creators

How often do we hear the saying...it is the simple things in life...but how often do we really hear and take note of the meaning? Sometimes a familiar saying can fall on deaf ears, it loses it's power over time. It REALLY IS the simple things in life that benefit us the most though. Here are 5 things I try to practise daily to create more space in my mind and most importantly in my heart. 

1. Write in a gratitude journal every night before bed. It can be one thing or ten things. There are no rules. Ten minutes to reflect on the day and what I am grateful for. 

2. Drink filtered water. H2o that is free of all the nasty chemicals tastes so much better. It helps cleanse the body. 

3. Eat nutrient dense food. Fruit and veggies - lots of them. Food is fuel for body & mind.

4. Get out in nature for a walk. No exercise outfit required. A walk amongst the trees, beach, whatever is close by on the day. 

5. Be silent. Listening to my breathing even for 5 minutes a day allows for a few moments of silence in a noisy world.

I consider these 5 things far from a daily luxury, but a necessity to contribute to living an optimum life. It's not 5/5 everyday, but when it is, life is clear & simple! Written by Gabby xx

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